Speak Shop

After 17 fantastic years, Speak Shop - Learn Spanish for Good, closed December 2021.

Speak Shop was the world’s first organization to provide fair trade, individual Spanish lessons by videoconferencing with tutors in Guatemala. We are proud that Speak Shop offered an entrepreneurial opportunity and enabled Spanish tutors to become micro-entrepreneurs.

Speak Shop tutors are amazing teachers who make learning Spanish come alive. We hope you will take live Spanish lessons with our former tutors, the world’s most experienced online Spanish tutors, through Pronto Spanish, https://www.prontospanish.com.

We’re grateful for the life-changing experience we were able to have by starting Speak Shop and working with our wonderful tutors and students over the years, and we are excited for the future of online communication for cultural and educational enrichment. We will miss you. Gracias por todo.

Cindy and Clay Cooper, Co-founders