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Verbs Saber and Conocer

There are two verbs that mean “to know” in Spanish: saber and conocer. Each one has different use.

1.  Saber

Saber (to know) is used to express knowledge of information, abilities or facts. For example, “I know your address" or "They know how to dance.”



Yo la dirección.

I know how the address.

Tú sabes cocinar.

You (informal) know how to cook.

Usted/él/ella sabe el número de teléfono.

You (formal)/he/she knows the telephone number.

Nosotros sabemos leer.

We know how to reed.

Ustedes/ellos/ellas saben hablar español.

They know how to speak Spanish.



2.  Conocer

Conocer is used to express knowledge of in the sense of being acquainted with or recognizing. Conocer is always used to express knowledge of places or people. For example, "She knows (has been to) Tikal", or "We know Juan.”



Yo conozco a la maestra pero no su nombre.

I know the tutor but I don't know her name.

conoces la escuela PROBIGUA.

You (informal) know the school PROBIGUA.

Usted/él/ella conoce la biblioteca.

You (formal)/he/she knows the library.

Nosotros conocemos la librería.

We know the bookstore.

Ustedes/ellos/ellas conocen el café Internet.

They knowthe internet café.