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Placement of Direct Object Pronouns

Direct object pronouns typically are placed before a conjugated verb. However, the following exceptions apply:

  • If there is a conjugated verb followed by an infinitive, the pronoun can be placed before the conjugated verb or at the end of the infinitive. For example, La prefiero tener or Prefiero tenerla (I prefer to have it).
  • The pronoun is attached to the end of a positve command or a gerund. For example, Ponloaquí (Put it here). Estoy poniéndolo aquí.
  • The pronoun precedes a negative command or gerund. For example, No lo pongas aquí (Don't put it here).

Notice that when the pronoun is attached at the end of the infinitive, or a gerund or a command form (in the affirmative), the pronoun forms one word with the verb. For example, prefiero tenerla / estoy poniéndolo / ponlo.