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Expressions of the Future Tense

In Spanish as in English, we have expressions of the future tense. These expressions are used to give a sense or an idea of when something is going to happen in the future.  Tomorrow, next week, later and other similar words explain when something is going to happen. With these words, we use verbs in the future tense.

In the Spanish language it is very common, in the colloquial language, to use present tense even when you are thinking about future.

  • Coloquial form: Mañana voy a tu casa.
  • Literal or formal form: Mañana iré a tu casa.





Mañana por la mañana

Tomorrow morning

Mañana por la tarde

Tomorrow afternoon

Mañana por la noche

Tomorrow night

Mañana al medio día

Tomorrow at noon

La próxima vez

Next time

El próximo día

The next day

La próxima semana

The next week

El próximo mes

The next month

El próximo año

The next year

La semana que viene

Next week