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Rosa María Acajabón

Rosa María Acajabón

I listen and observe each student during our lessons to understand their learning style.  After I have begun to know the student I then will make a recommendation for a program of study and use appropriate teaching tools. Some students learn best orally by listening to explanations, reading aloud, having discussions on a specific topic, like listening to music, etc. Others learn best through "personal experience" so we might talk about their travels, hobbies, sports, or their work.  Some students prefer to study by asking direct questions, writing assignments, compositions, analyzing examples, reading stories, etc.  Some students are visual and find reading, crossword puzzles, games and graphics are the best forms of learning. I encourage students to find the learning method that will help them to best express themselves and understand others in Spanish. 

I want to create a personalized program for each student and will happily teach in a method that works best for them.

Teaching Experience: I started teaching Spanish in 1997 at the Spanish immersion school PROBIGUA. I have taught Spanish online via Speak Shop since 2008.

Education: In 2000 Bachelors Degree in Teaching Castilian as a Foreign Language from Rafael Landivar University. Here is my Curriculum Vitae.

Degrees/Certificates/Courses Completed for Teaching Spanish

  • 1999 - Basic English I, II and III, Centro Educativo de Antigua
  • 2000 - Bachelors Degree in Teaching Castilian as a Foreign Language, Rafael Landivar University
  • 2002 - Teacher of Spanish as a Second Language Oficinas de Información Turística (INGUAT)
  • 2005 - Principles of Teaching - Learning. FUNDESA-Development Foundation of Guatemala
  • 2008 - Medical Spanish for Foreign Students, Spanish Academy PROBIGUA

Personal Information: I like reading about a variety to things including: medical items (plants, properties of fruits and vegetables, diseases, organ function, etc..), butterflies, customs and traditions of the Maya, Guatemala legends (especially to practice preterite and imperfect), religion (saints, the Catholic catechism, the Bible, etc.). I like to give my time and companionship to young girls and women who have disabilities and were abandoned, as well as children with physical and mental development disabilities. On Sundays my husband and I attend the Catholic Church.  We also attend cultural activities such as Corpus Christi, concerts, marathons, processions during Lent and Easter, fairs, and parades. During these events we also enjoy the food! I also teach salsa dancing for exercise.

Schedule:  I am usually available:
                     - Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm CST
                     - Saturday from 8:00 amto 5:00 pm CST
                         Note: Guatemala is one hour earlier during Daylight Savings Time

Special Offer: 
After 5 lessons, she offers one free (if they are new students, they have 7 lessons in total). After 15 lessons they have one more free lesson with a group to chat with other student(s).
Average Feedback Rating (as of October 1, 2012): 
Number of lessons taught (as of October 1, 2012): 
Student Testimonials: 

"Rosa María is very easy to understand and very patient. A lesson with Rosa is the highlight of my day."
Speak Shop Student