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Leonor Chivichón

Leonor Chivichón

I am a patient Spanish tutor and enjoy reading all kinds of books, magazines, newspapers etc.  I love to walk an hour in the mornings and do any kind of exercise. I also like to spend time with my family when possible. I have taught Spanish for 18 years and teaching students of all ages is a wonderful experience with immense satisfaction.

During the Spanish lessons, I use communication methods that encourage students to actively participate in learning, emphasizing social and professional situations from real life. I teach grammar with clear explanations with simple assignments appropriate for any situation.

Teaching Experience: I started teaching Spanish in 1996 and have taught Spanish online via Speak Shop since 2005. 

Degrees/Certificates/Courses Completed for Teaching Spanish

  • 1997 - Techniques of Teaching Spanish as a Second Language for Foreign Students, Spanish Academy AmeriSpan
  • 1997 -  International Conference for Language T​eachers, Professional Development, AmeriSpan Unlimited
  • 2000 - The History and Culture of Guatemala, Guatemalan Literature and Spanish American Literature, Spanish Academy PROBIGUA
  • 2008 - Medical Spanish for Foreign Students, Spanish Academy PROBIGUA
  • 2010 - Certificate for Spanish Language Teaching, IGA Instituto Guatemalteco Amercano.

Schedule:  I am usually available:
                  - Monday to Friday from 12:00 noon to 9:00 pm CST
                  - Saturday & Sunday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST
                    Note: Guatemala is one hour earlier during Daylight Savings Time

Special Offer: 
After 10 hours of lessons you will have a FREE LESSON.
Average Feedback Rating (as of October 1, 2012): 
Number of lessons taught (as of October 1, 2012): 
Student Testimonials: 

"I have just returned to Speak Shop after a period of absence due to scheduling difficulties and computer problems but I believe that the break has made me appreciate the excellence of the service offered all the more. Leonor, my tutor, very quickly enabled me to resurrect a lot of the Spanish which I thought had evaporated in my absence from classes. I have nothing but praise for her and the very high quality of her teaching."
Speak Shop Student

“I just completed my first lesson with Leonor, and I have no doubt that you guys are on the right track. I am a big believer that videoconferencing is the next big frontier in education, and Speak Shop appears to me the first and best of its kind…I love it, and I believe in it! Please keep up the good work.”
Dennis, Controller, US
Speak Shop Student, 2006

“I had my free lesson today with Leonor – she is terrific. This may be just the ticket for me and I will certainly tell my friends. Muchas gracias.”
Maryann, Dog Rescuer and Lifelong Learner, MX
Speak Shop Member, 2006