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Claritza Morales

Claritza Morales

I teach in a simple way where the student can quickly apply what they have studied during our conversations. I use different books to support my lessons and I also use selected material from the internet to give homework to my students. I adapt my lessons to each of my students’ needs and interests.

I have had the opportunity to work with people from many countries around the world and with people from different professions such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, nurses, medical students from various, etc. I like to share my language with each of my students. Each student is a great experience and an adventure in Spanish teaching. Thank you for letting me share my language and my culture with you through Speak Shop.

Teaching Experience: I have worked at PROBIGUA since 1997, and I have been teaching Spanish at Speak Shop since 2007. I also teach in-person in Antigua, Guatemala at the Spanish immersion school PROBIGUA. I was voted “Teacher of the Year” in 2010 by my students in Speak Shop. 

Education: I have a college degree as an elementary teacher. I also have a Diploma of Grammar for Foreigners from the Rafael Landivar University and have taken specialized courses from the INGUAT (Guatemalan Tourism Institute) about medical vocabulary, history and tourist sites in Guatemala. Here is my Curriculum Vitae

Degrees/Certificates/Courses Completed for Teaching Spanish

  • 2000 - Course of Spanish American  History and Literature, Spanish Academy PROBIGUA
  • 2000 - University Certified in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language for Foreign Students, Rafael Landívar University
  • 2002 - Conference “La Calidad Soy Yo en el Servicio al Turista”, Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo INGUAT
  • 2002 - Conference “Cultura Turística”, Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo INGUAT
  • 2002 - Conference “La Calidad Soy Yo”, Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo INGUAT
  • 2005 - Diploma “Principios de la Enseñanza - Aprendizaje”, Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo INGUAT and Fundación para el Desarrollo de Guatemala FUNDAESA
  • 2005 - Training to teach online, Speak Shop
  • 2008 - Medical Spanish for Foreign Students, Spanish Academy PROBIGUA
  • 2010 - English course, La Excelencia school of languages
  • 2011 - Conference “Excelencia en el Mundo Maya”, Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo INGUAT
  • 2012 - Certified to teach Spanish Classes for Work, Speak Shop & Pronto Spanish

Personal Information: I like walking in the mountains, listening to music, dancing, reading a good book, hanging out with my co-workers, and drinking good coffee. I enjoy teaching people who for one reason or another want to learn Spanish.

Schedule:  I am usually available:
                     - Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm CST
                     - Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm CST
                     -  Sunday - I will happily try to scheule a lesson when requested  
                         Note: Guatemala is one hour earlier during Daylight Savings Time

Special Offer: 
Take 5 lessons within 1 month and receive a one-hour lesson for free!
Average Feedback Rating (as of October 1, 2012): 
Number of lessons taught (as of October 1, 2012): 
Student Testimonials: 

"Claritza is very, very patient and kind and she likes to laugh, all of which promotes a relaxed atmosphere for learning. She always has a lesson prepared but she allows for flexibility if I have any unrelated language questions, or to have conversations about Guatemalan culture etc. She has helped me over that huge hurdle of being afraid to open my mouth around native speakers. Thanks Claritza!"
Student 2010

"Claritza is a very special person and an excellent teacher. She is very quick to explain certain words that I can't understand. I've been to Probigua 3 times and have gotten to know her personally as well as some of her students, all of which have high regards."
Student 2010