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Spanish for Firefighters with Conversation Practice

Spanish for firefighters"Spanish for Firefighters with Conversation Practice" is a self-paced, online Spanish class designed for firefighters and emergency responders during a fire situation wanting to communicate with the Spanish-speaking public. In addition to basic greetings and general Spanish vocabulary, the class also covers firefighting vocabulary and phrases, fire and life safety inspections, water emergencies, general emergencies & common injuries, medical vocabulary, intake information, building areas, directions and safety equipment.

You'll learn from a variety of resources including:

  • Visual imagery (photos associated with words and phrases for better retention)
  • Native Spanish speakers so you can hear proper pronunciation, gain language tips, and cultural perspectives
  • Reading exercises for context and cultural lessons
  • Interactive assessments to measure your progress and comprehension
  • One-to-one conversation practice sessions with a personal teacher

Your personal Spanish teacher will meet with you by videoconferencing online via Skype (What's Skype?). Meeting with your teacher allows you to practice what you've learned. Your teacher will adjust your conversational sessions as your abilities change.

After each lesson, reserve your next 1-hour conversational session to fit your schedule. Then enjoy a conversation session that is personalized just for you. And remember - this class is self-paced! Take it as slowly or quickly as you like.


  • Desire and willingness to spend time learning Spanish vocabulary and phrases you can use at work.
  • Interest in improving communication skills in the workplace.
  • No prior Spanish knowledge is required.

Class Goals

This class is intended to help you:

  • Develop skills that will enable conversation and improve interaction with Spanish speakers in the workplace.
  • Acquire an awareness, appreciation, and acceptance of the differences between American (United States) and Hispanic/Latino (i.e., Spanish/Latin American) cultures.
  • Realize the enjoyment and value of being able to communicate in a foreign language.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this online Spanish class, diligent students will be able to:

  • Recognize, understand, and pronounce the words and phrases from the Learning Units on the syllabus.
  • Engage in “small-talk” conversations and provide and obtain workplace-related information from the Learning Units on the syllabus.
  • Compare and contrast U.S. and Hispanic cultural values in relation to the workplace, by recognizing that cultures develop different patterns of interaction and identifying key values, such as family, time, naming system, respect for authority, and work ethic.

Learning Benefits

  • Learn more than 600 industry-specific Spanish words and phrases that are most relevant to your profession.
  • Speak with a native Spanish teacher to develop and gain confidence in your conversational skills.
  • View photos associated with words and phrases for better retention.
  • Hear proper pronunciation to help develop your understanding as well as speaking ability.
  • Read intuitive reading exercises to help you become familiar with the words in context.
  • Understand values of many Spanish speakers by reading cultural lessons.
  • Assess your comprehension with quizzes to help you measure your progress.


  • Pronto Spanish is authorized by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) to offer 2.6 CEUs for this class.
  • Self-paced class with instructor available to answer any questions.
  • Includes printable guide of the phrases so you can have them available to you wherever you are.
  • Videoconferencing practice sessions with Spanish teachers via Skype.
  • Online program tracks and records all lesson quizzes and final exam scores to measure your progress
  • Certificate of Completion delivered upon passing the Final exam
  • Class can be completed in approximately 26 hours (less if you are already familiar with some Spanish)
  • Available online for 6 months so you can complete the class when you want and where you want.
  • Quick, convenient access to the class through the Pronto Online Learning Center.
Introduction Class Tutorial, Spanish Pronunciation
Lesson 1 My Life
Greetings, Question Words, Numbers 0-9, Job Titles
Introductory conversational session
Conversational practice session with teacher
Lesson 2 My Time
More Greetings, Numbers 10-10,000, Days, Months, Date, Time
Conversational practice session with
Lesson 3 My Work Environment
Survival Words, More Conversational Phrases, Departments and Places, Building Areas, Directions
Conversational practice session with
Lesson 4 My Job: Part 1
Firefighter Vocabulary & Phrases, Fire & Life Safety Inspection, Clothing, Colors
Conversational practice session with
Lesson 5 My Job: Part 2
Water Emergencies, Examination, Actions/Commands, Pain Descriptions
Conversational practice session with
Lesson 6 My Administration
The Interview, Specific Questions, Personal Characteristics
Conversational practice session with
Lesson 7 My Employees & Relationships
People (in general), People (in trouble), Family, Likes/Dislikes
Conversational practice session with
Lesson 8 My Safety & Health
Body Parts, Emergencies & Common Injuries, Medical History, Safety Equipment
Conversational practice session with


Class Instructor: 
Tara Bradley Williams

Tara Bradley Williams, founder of Pronto Spanish and author of the Pronto Guides, ¡A Trabajar! and ¡A Conversar! series, has many years of Spanish teaching experience at the high school and community college levels. Through her teaching, she found that many students simply wanted to learn Spanish in an enjoyable way in order to communicate on a basic level without having to learn grammar rules taught in a traditional academic setting. Pronto Spanish was created just for these people.

Tara has a BA degree in Spanish and Sociology from St. Norbert College and a MA in Higher Education and Adult Studies from the University of Denver. She has studied Spanish at the Universidad de Ortega y Gasset, in Toledo, Spain and has lived and traveled extensively in Spain and Latin America. Tara currently lives in Wisconsin with her husband and children.

Spanish Teachers: 

Your personal Spanish teachers is not just a native Spanish speaker, but a certified instructor who lives and teaches from Guatemala, a world-renowned destination for learning Spanish. Speak Shop teachers have taught Spanish for more than 10 years and have taught over 20,000 lessons online. Review the profiles of the Pronto approved teachers at Speak Shop Spanish Teachers

Spanish Class Requirements: 

Our online classes are 100 percent web-based. They are compatible with PCs and Macs and are available from any computer with web access.

We recommend the following technology requirements:

  • A broadband/high-speed Internet connection (e.g., Wifi, cable, DSL, T1).
  • A recent version of a web browser (at least Internet Explorer 6 and later, Firefox 1.x and later, Safari 3 and later, Google Chrome, Opera 9.5 and later)
  • A screen resolution of 800x600
  • Flash Player 8 or higher
  • A sound card
  • Headset with headphones and microphone (webcam optional)

Try the demo class. If you are satisfied with the demo class audio/visual experience, then your computer should meet the requirements for any of our classes.

Price of Class: